Behind every story is a deeper story. Behind this Outdoor Recreation Map is a story of cooperation among numerous public land organizations and their non-profit partners.


Such organizations must carefully manage their resources to support their own separate missions. In this case, no individual group could justify publishing a regional map which included so many different kinds of public lands.

The Partners of the Cherokee National Forest invited numerous organizations to strategically pool their resources and publish this unified map. By joining together, all of the groups supported their own missions while achieving another important goal—serving the public in an important and economical way.

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The Outdoor Recreation Map received a national award, due in part to the exceptional degree of cooperation between public lands and their non-profit partners. The award was presented at a ceremony outside Washington D.C. Accepting the award on behalf of all stakeholders was Project Coordinator John Innes of Partners of the Cherokee National Forest, the Great Smoky Mountains Association Executive Director Laurel Rematore and GSMA Interpretive Products and Services Director Steve Kemp. More information.