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November 11, 2020

The artwork for the Outdoor Recreation Map is now finalized! You can view the official press-ready files here.

Map side: Outdoor_RecMap-MapSide__10nov2020

Text side:  Outdoor_RecMap_Textside_10nov2020

I have updated all organizations at every step along the way. One major goal has always been to avoid having an executive see their organization’s logo on the printed Outdoor Recreation Map and exclaim, “Why did I not know about this?”

Thanks to you, this will not happen.

So, what are the next steps for this project? Logistics! The maps will be printed, folded, boxed, warehoused, labeled, shipped to all distribution points, and eventually placed into the hands of the public. That will occur a bit slower than usual due to the pandemic and the onset of holidays. I estimate that the majority of maps will ship sometime in early in 2021.

I will be in touch with each stakeholder to confirm the number of maps you wish to receive and the proportion of flat vs folded maps. Please remember that Volkswagen of America has made this edition possible.

For now, take a breather and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Thanks much,

John I.

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Here again are are some tips based on my years/decades/centuries of map proofreading:

Hurried, last-minute proofreading causes the majority of avoidable errors. The deadlines are chosen to give you as much time as possible so please make the most of them. If you have questions or concerns about deadlines, please write to me at

Proofreading includes confirming facts, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Notice this does *not* include creating new content. The opportunity to introduce new content has passed, so any additions must be saved for future editions of the map.

If you have a large-format printer, I suggest you print your PDF full-size for easier proofreading.  If not, you can view the images on-screen. To notify me of changes, you may write them out (e.g., “Clingman’s Dome has no apostrophe in it”). Or if you prefer, mark your comments directly on the PDF using the instructions found here then mail the PDF back to me.

Here is a simple tactic for thorough map proofreading. If possible, divide up the map into sections and assign each section to a different person. In my experience, an individual who is super-focussed on one area is more thorough than a crowd of people viewing everything.

You will receive the portion(s) of the map which include your organization and its sites. For example, the National Park Service will receive a map highlighting only NPS sites. They are welcome to view the entire map (see links to current proof above). But their ultimate responsibility is to verify NPS sites. Everyone will receive a stakeholder acknowledgement which includes their logo, URL, and a description of their organization. For example, the NC and TN departments of tourism will review information that refers to them.

Notice that the map includes a handy grid for pinpointing locations.

This publication includes content from multiple organization. Leadership from each organization will have a final opportunity to review the proofs and to give their approval before the publication goes to press. In my experience, the leadership approval phase is where most unexpected delays occur. Below is my suggestion for avoiding that…

Go ahead and show even the “imperfect” early proofs to your leadership. Too often, teams wait until the last minute to show the product to their leadership. They discover that many top leaders have an uncanny ability to spot errors that everyone else has missed (embarrassing!). I suggest that you tap into their proofreading talent by involving them as as early in the proofreading process as possible. This will avoid last minute delays.

Thanks again to everyone,

John I.

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PROJECT OVERVIEW: In a nutshell, the Outdoor Recreation Map is a free road map that introduces visitors to millions of acres of public lands in the general area where Tennessee and North Carolina meet. The map features state parks as well as national parks and forests. The printed map is available as a flat 17”x22” sheet or folded into a brochure. The project is a cooperative effort involving top professionals from the area’s leading public land groups and nonprofit partner groups.

What is each stakeholder being asked to do?  Two key things. Confirm that your info on the map is correct before it is printed. Then, decide how you would distribute the map after it is printed. One other matter. We respect every organization and their preferences. Your organization was listed as a stakeholder on the original 2106 Recreation Map. Do you want your group to appear as a stakeholder on the new edition at no cost to you?

  • If your answer is “YES”:  Please confirm whether any information about your organization listing has changed since last time (e.g., logo, phone, website). Note: the same information will appear at
  • If your answer is “NO”:  Let us know. Your public lands will still appear on the map, but your organization’s name will not appear among the stakeholders. You can still receive and distribute maps. Our goal is to give the public as much access to this map as possible.

Contact: John Innes at 865-659-0903 or


Q: When will the printed maps arrive?

A: The maps will be distributed starting in the first quarter of 2021. You and other stakeholders will be helping us to make updates and/or corrections well before that happens.


Q:  Will we be charged for the maps we request?

A:  No. A grant from Volkswagen is covering printing and shipping costs.


Q:  How many maps should we order?

A:  That depends on how many travelers you estimate will visit for your area, their plans, and where they are going. It also depends on how much storage space you have.


Q:  OK, but how exactly do we estimate our first order?

A:  Contact John Innes who will help you estimate your first order. Contact him at 865-659-0903 or


Q:  What if we order too many maps?

A:  John can help avoid this. Bear in mind that this map will be useful for several years, but John can help you make your determination.


Q:  What if we order too few maps?

A:  You can always order more, as long as supplies last. However, the ultimate goal is to make the best use of these maps rather than not utilize them at all.


Q: Is there any difference between the information on flat vs folded maps?

A: No. The printed page is the same, either way. The folded version can be placed into brochure racks. The flat padded version is useful on a desktop, such as an information counter in a welcome center.


Q:  If we need both flat and folded, can we request both?

A:  Yes. Each box you order contains 500 maps and you can order any combination of boxes.


Q:  How might the pandemic affect this project?

A:  Everyone has to adjust how they engage with the public. This map is designed to help that process along, now and in the future.


Q:  Can our organize sell the maps?

A:  Yes. This map can be sold and/or given free. As you would expect, visitors love useful literature that is free.


Q:  Can I see a copy of the previous edition of the map?

Yes. Links to the outdated 2018 map appear below)

Outdated-RecMap_Map-Side.pdf        Outdated-RecMap_Text-Side.pdf


Still have questions?  Contact John Innes at or call 865-659-0903.