Stakeholder News

July 2020

Development of the new Outdoor Recreation Map is well underway. below is an overview of our progress thus far:

1.CONTENT TEAM – They are reviewing both sides of the printed map for any needed updates. This work will continue until August 7th.

2.CARTOGRAPHY TEAM – They are awaiting requests for updates from the Content team.

3.GRAPHIC DESIGN TEAM – They are waiting for updates from the Content team. In addition, they will soon be working on ideas suggested by the Promotions team.

4. PRINTING TEAM – The last successful printer is the lowest bidder again this time. So, I will be inviting our talented Printing team to pivot toward non-print ideas for enhancing the map users experience. We have not finalized this, but if agreed upon, their work will begin in August.

5. DISTRIBUTION TEAM – This team is compiling lists of potential distribution sites in TN and NC. The final process of shipping maps to distribution sites will begin in the first quarter of 2021.

6. PROMOTION TEAM – Tourism pros in NC and TN are starting to consider ways to introduce the map to the public and build interest in it after it launches. Their preliminary suggestions are expected by August 7th.

This unique project includes several team partners who are located far apart. Almost all are in different organizations. In addition, we are now faced with a historic pandemic. I want to congratulate you all for being so amazingly adaptable!

I will continue to follow up with each of you. — John I.


June 2020 – In a nutshell, the Outdoor Recreation Map is a free road map that introduces visitors to millions of acres of public lands in the general area where Tennessee and North Carolina meet. The map features state parks as well as national parks and forests. The printed map is available as a flat 17”x22” sheet or folded into a brochure. The project is a cooperative effort involving top professionals from the area’s leading public land groups and nonprofit partner groups.

If You Have Not Completed the Survey, Click Here



What is each stakeholder being asked to do?  Two key things. Confirm that your info on the map is correct before it is printed. Then, decide how you would distribute the map after it is printed. One other matter. We respect every organization and their preferences. Your organization was listed as a stakeholder on the original 2106 Recreation Map. Do you want your group to appear as a stakeholder on the new edition at no cost to you?

  • If your answer is “YES”:  Please confirm whether any information about your organization listing has changed since last time (e.g., logo, phone, website). Note: the same information will appear at
  • If your answer is “NO”:  Let us know. Your public lands will still appear on the map, but your organization’s name will not appear among the stakeholders. You can still receive and distribute maps. Our goal is to give the public as much access to this map as possible.

If you have not already provided your answer via the survey (above), please contact John Innes at 865-659-0903 or



Q: When will these printed maps arrive?

A: The maps will be distributed starting in the first quarter of 2021. You and other stakeholders will be helping us to make updates and/or corrections well before that happens.


Q:  Will we be charged for the maps we request?

A:  No. A grant from Volkswagen is covering printing and shipping costs.


Q:  How many maps should we order?

A:  That depends on how many travelers you estimate will visit for your area, their plans, and where they are going. It also depends on how much storage space you have.


Q:  OK, but how exactly do we estimate our first order?

A:  Contact John Innes who will help you estimate your first order. Contact him at 865-659-0903 or


Q:  What if we order too many maps?

A:  John can help avoid this. Bear in mind that this map will be useful for several years, but John can help you make your determination.


Q:  What if we order too few maps?

A:  You can always order more for as long as supplies last. However, the ultimate goal is to make the best use of these maps rather than not utilize them at all.


Q: Is there any difference between the information on flat vs folded maps?

A: No. The printed page is the same, either way. The folded version can be placed into brochure racks. The flat padded version is useful on a desktop, such as an information counter in a welcome center.


Q:  If we need both flat and folded, can we request both?

A:  Yes. Each box you order contains 500 maps and you can order any combination of boxes.


Q:  How might the pandemic affect this project?

A:  Everyone has to adjust how they engage with the public. This map is designed to help that process along, now and in the future.


Q:  Can our organize sell the maps?

A:  Yes. This map can be sold and/or given free. As you would expect, visitors love useful literature that is free.


Q:  Is there a current PDF available for both sides?

A:  Yes, you can download them below. They can be printed on a large-format printer or viewed on your monitor. Note that these PDFs include some minor changes that were added in after the original map was published in 2016.

RecMap_Map-Side.pdf        RecMap_Text-Side.pdf


Still have questions?  Contact John Innes at or call 865-659-0903.